A break from the norm

Well people, I wanted to put a random post in here to say: My sister had a little girl last night, Eleanor! So congrats to Rob, Sis and nephew Will on my new niece! Love Ya Paul! xx

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island, sounds kind of interesting don’t you think….well for once after the stress of the sailing we needed to relax on a beach, under the sun, somewhere the ocean sings its own little song and the moon listens, magnetic island was this destination….but in true Paul fashion it didn’t really go according to plan: …

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Airlie Beach

Having found my way to Brisbane Airport after many a wrong turn, we went and waited near our gate, breakfast felt like a good idea. As we ordered we banged in to Joey, the lad who we made late for his training, because he decided to join us in our pool and beer round! Did …

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Oh the joys of being in a real life board game! The first night, it is compulsory to make acquaintance with as many people as you can, so to the bar seemed the best place, hey there was no way I was sleeping the amount of caffiene I drank, so dragged kicking and screaming I …

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