Good Question! Well I could start by saying I am a nearly 30 year old but that would be a lie as I am now 30, living in the UK, and have been working in IT for what seems a while now, but I thought I’d tell you why I set up this blog.

Well one day I decided that I needed an adventure and from this idea grew this possibly slightly insane idea of becoming a one man expedition force and go backpacking around Australia and New Zealand.

I thought it would be a good idea to write about my experiences, the ups the downs and the slightly hazy, this way I won’t forget when I am old and gray…..okay a lot grayer then I am now, thanks Dad for that! Now as it stands just to write about my trip would have been pointless, so I decided to continue writing. Well when I get chance to I do.

So I guess, your gonna get to know about me as my blog progresses, so think of me as the mysterious slightly grey 30 year old for now.

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