Yes, after cape tribe, we proceeded, to enjoy the sun and beer, but the time was upon me to go back the Brisbane, to say hello to Barry and a few other people I had met on my travels, as well as fly to Fiji.

One fine day we hoped in a cab and boarded our flight to Brisbane, we arrived and met up with Barry, the Brisbane Backpackers Resort, heated spa and swimming pool, I booked in to a dorm, and fell asleep, to be woken up by Barry, having just finished work, armed with a six pack of beer, well it would be rude not to share them with him, caught up on a few things and generally had a laugh…..when this strange idea dawned on me, why don’t I go Fiji and literally be the other side of the world! So armed with my flexible friend I booked Fiji flights the next day!

Well after a few days mixing it up with the boys, I departed the Brisbane backpackers and boarded my flight to Fiji, not really truly knowing what to expect, I literally had only booked the flight, so had no where to stay…..but strangely I sat next to a fella on the plane, old guy, thick stock, the perfume of whiskey and the cold sniffles…..okay sounds a character, got talking to him, now just before I go in to this any further, I am not in the habit of talking to random people, but this chap was talking away, to me and an irish guy sat next to me, when he asked if we had anywhere to, to stay, our blank expressions answered his question, here where we sat on the plane being taxied, he got on his mobile phone and booked us in to a place called the Nadi Bay Resort, well obviously we were happy with that, we found out that he was a pool designer and pretty much all the pools in Nadi he designed and built, excellent, one last thing to worry about.

We rolled through the dusty roads and the chaotic life style of the Fiji people, ha who am I trying to kid if they were anymore chilled out they would be living in a freezer!!! The bus stopped outside a house that can only be described as a house in L.A big huge giant cast iron gates, stone bricked wall and guards on the gates, we strolled in armed with our back-packs, and strolled to the reception, they asked our names to which the response was “Ah Max booked it for you?” well i thought yeah of course, we where then escorted to our room, well apartment, wide screen TV, kitchen, aircon the works….not bad….but to what cost, I mean come on I am supposed to be on a budget, ah I’d worry about that in the morning.

Down to the bar, to sample the local beer “Fiji Gold” only one or two…….ermmmmm well okay we didn’t stop drinking till about 4 in the morning, I had to book my “Lazy Threesome” (Not that type of three some gents!!) a tour of the Yasawra islands was beckoning, I know what your thinking, that I deserve a holiday after all this hard work during the last couple of months, well fiji seemed the best place.

I clambered out of the bed the next morning and scampered to the tour desk, or hut next to the brilliant blue pool, nice job Max I thought, it wasn’t open till 12, so I guess I best face the bill for the room, me and the two other lads went down to check out of a luxury apartment, and downgrade to something within our range….$150 dollars…..fiji dollars, they were gonna put it on Max’s account, but we couldn’t have that, so $50 dollars each, which is about 18 pounds each…amazing!!! Checked in to our dorm and back to the desk…..after about 30mins I was ready for the Island hoping…the next day! brilliant!!

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