It was time for the traditional Fiji night, which consisted of a Fiji banquet, and Cava, now by cava I don’t mean the cheap champers you get in that supermarket that has a fixation with slapping people bums. Now let me tell you about cava, its a drink the Fijians have that used to be only reserved for Chiefs of tribes but was later offered to the people of the tribes, the Fijians believe that this stuff could have stopped the War in Iraq with ease, due to the effect it has on people, apparently if you drink it you have become chilled, not in the stoned sort of way but chilled, you body relaxes that sort of stuff, so trying to try new cultures out I thought I’d have a blast even before I saw it looked at.

Now Cava is made from the roots of a bush and what happens is they put it in a silk hand towel like thing, add a little water, mash it with there hands into a pulp, got your taste buds going yet??? Now it is rude not to have at least three so I stepped up expecting to see this lovely crystal clear stuff awaiting me….oh was I shocked, picture greasy, dirty, murky dishwater add a little deep grey to it and there is what cava looks like, now to the taste, think of how it looks add a bit a chalk and some sediment and there you have the taste of cava…….oh hand on apart from the look of it, it doesn’t sound to dissimilar from the cava you get in that supermarket I mentioned but with bubbles!!! Now listen I can’t put it in my back pack so I am afraid that, as much as you would like to taste it, you can’t, sorry about that.

So after three of these I wasn’t feeling chilled, but I tell you what there was no way I was going for more!!! so Fiji Gold had to do. Another night under the stars and pretty that was that.

The rest of the islands where quite the same, but I had learned my lesson about the cava, snorkeling and sun bathing was what lay in store for me, I know its such a hard life!!

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