Magnetic Island, sounds kind of interesting don’t you think….well for once after the stress of the sailing we needed to relax on a beach, under the sun, somewhere the ocean sings its own little song and the moon listens, magnetic island was this destination….but in true Paul fashion it didn’t really go according to plan:

After the party finished and the night became morning we thought it was time for bed, back to the hostel and out for the count, that was litterally how quick….only problem was erm well we missed the greyhound to the the ferry port in Townsville to catch the ferry to go over the magnetic, so in a still semi drunken state, when the head thinks it knows the straightest route to your destination, but a conflict between the legs and head begins, I swayed to the hostel reception and pleaded with them to change the greyhound to the next…what a great way to sober up when initially it wasn’t possible….but yes I swindeled it somehow, but this only left me with 30mins, to pack my backpack, get barry out of the land of nod and fly to the pickup point….erm, does sound distinctly familiar?? and lightening never strikes twice they say, that is unless you have been on the jugs of tooheys!!

The greyhound to Townsville was well, long, a long straight road, a regular sight, after me driving to brisbane, but at least I wasn’t driving, we got to the terminal in time and crossed the choppy water to our Hostel for two nights. Base. Nothing stan outish happened here, but it was incredibly beautiful, full of boozer and sun, sand and rugby, and manual labour!! We helped the owner of the place move about 15 benches, okay benches are not that heavy but…when they are made of a full oak tree, they get heavy, even with four lifting….the things you do for free jugs and jugs of beer!

I also lost my towel at this point, think someone decided they like the looks of it….never mind, I had somehow aquired a towel as well, innocently thinking it was one of Barry’s!! We left the island and caught the greyhound to Mission Beach and scotty Backpackers, amazing place, great atmosphere and even better entertainment, in the form of white water rafting!!!

See that one wasn’t too painful….boring perhaps but hey, thats what that stint of this break was all about!

6 thoughts on “Magnetic Island”

  1. Sailing, Diving, White Water Rafting, anyone would think your on holiday.

    Looks like your enjoying this way to much.

    I’ve found you a orange float on ebay you can pull off the Hoff impressions better with it.

  2. Sounds like someone is having a damn good time! Enjoying your writings including the poetic, picturesque and dodgy stuff too ! cant believe you have been gone for 11 weeks already. I’m not envious (yet) Riding and leaning on the fact that I have a trip to California to enjoy through August.
    Then I’ll get envious. You continue having a ball Paul. I dont think you look like Hoff. More like Marine Boy! (tee hee)

  3. Oh my god shut up dad! Paul, why r u allowing him air space?!!! Hah ha! Looking forward to the parachute pics – they are unique!! (that ones for ann-marie!) So, we’ve had white water rafting, parachute jumping, shark caging…what other xtreme sports can you squuuueze in?!! YOU ARE MAD!! IT”S OFFICIAL!! Take care mr Garty jane xx

  4. OH MY GOD! YOU ARE COMPLETELY INSANE MY BROTHER! I just got scared looking at the photos of MASSIVE shark with LOTS of TEETH never mind up close & personal!! Well I’m so glad you managed to get out of the water with all bits still intact! Do your little BIG sister a favour and stay away from stringrays – that is not a good plan! Don’t you worry about me sat infront of a really interesting computer writing school reports while you’re off on your big adventure! Look after yourself & you never know I might be able to have a conversation with you that is longer than 2 minutes!! x

  5. Just viewed the new pics and agree with your family and friends. INSANE, you are!!! But I told you earlier. (Perhaps I should have read your blog, before accepting the first pint) Glad you’re still alive and even more glad you didn’t cage dive in South Africa. Is kind of different there. So, despite the sometimes bad internet conditions in OZ, it’s not the 3rd world after all. 😉
    Now, after leaving those stuck up millionaire daughters behind, I wish you a relaxing and drinking game free time in Cairns. Get yourself a stinger suit, will ya???!!!!
    In the meantime, I’ll try to get one step closer to being able to write school reports, too!

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