Well after a week of rain, I felt it was time to move on once more, Barry was to go to Brisbane to work and I continued my tour with another irishman called Lenny we traveled down to Melbourne.

Now Melbourne…what do we say about that, if Sydney was a mad busy metropolis, this was a chilled out metropolis, full off weird building and some equally weird people, you get to Melbourne and you do instantly feel relaxed…but bloody cold…well I say bloody cold thats a lie, it not Warrington or indeed Manchester in winter, but its cold enough! We stayed in a massive hostel for the first night, not the best one I have stayed in..but hey it was a bed, I thought I had seen the last of dank dark corridors, paint falling off like peeling skin…..the worst thing was you needed water to get from our room to the bathrooms and showers! but hey it was only a night…splattering of the Neighbours tour on the wall….was that it Neighbours tour the highlight?? So the next day I gave my Bro-in-laws sister a shout, Laura, she saved us the boredom..introduced us to a semi decent hostel….minus windows in the room..yes it was like living in a cube…but I wasn’t to bothered for I was on the first rung to the Shark Cage dive!! The nights where made that much better, by having a tour guide….so we entertained the city as opposed to it entertaining us! One I can remember is the fact I actually ordered a drink, not to strange I know but the women who served us well she was big in the upper area, and instead of ordering a pint of blumers, I ordered bazookas….whoops, well thank god it was dark in the pub…I looked like I had a case of severe sun burn!!

The night passed and it came to the weekend, laura and J took me out to the Yarra Valley, a massive wine district, vineyards stood to the attention of the landscape, road was long and straight, but came to an end as we entered a massive rain forest, trees created a nice canopy over the road, trees looked like their skin was peeling off, something to do with the way it protects itself from forest fires, ferns, 12/14ft tall leaves the size of me…was an amazing place!! the day drew to a close and we drove home, accidentally on purpose getting lost….and stumbling across a pub, we grabbed something to eat, fire place crackling behind….I couldn’t understand it…I was bloody boiling and there is people collecting as much of the heat from the fire as possible, there a strange breed this Ozzies!! Or is it me??

Two weeks passed, and it was time to make our way to Port Lincoln via Adeliade, a mad rush to the bus station and the bus drive was underway, never have I seen such straight roads, disappearing into the horizon…..My eyes closed shut and next I wake up in Adelaide.

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