8 thoughts on “more pics”

  1. Thought I was the one that was suppose to look preggers !!! (pic 31) and not only that, Will thought for a minute it was Tex!!!!

  2. Mmm.. giving year 6 boys a puberty talk or immersing my eyes on the fabulous views that you are oh so cruelly teasing us with?! I know where I’d rather be! No competition! So many stories to tell..and they are only the ones you can remember by the sounds of your drunken escapades! Like the authorial style! Hee hee! Take care love Jane xx

  3. Pics look fab mate. Really enjoying your blog.

    Ignore Helena she just ahs a thing for stealing my clothes.

    Take care mate and keep on with the stories.

  4. alex and jess and charlie and trinity

    alex says brilliant pictures how did you get so close to the animals. keep sending more pictures like the animals pictures the best

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