So I got here which is a good start, South Africa is an interesting place, every single posh area has it own gardeners, a stark contrast to the fact that everywhere there is warning of armed response security, people trying to sell you stuff everywhere you turn and the burnt red landscape clashes with the perfect blue of the sky, now hows that for poetic? I got to my room a small 3m by 4m cell with two tiny windows and well a bed and a plug in radiator… and its exactly what I expected, its off white walls and its solid concerete floor make an ideal spot to stay for a night. I feel alright at the moment just tired, but that will pass after a good night sleep, well it best had I am up at 4 tomoz!

Yeah I know not much to comment on there but I am on timer and its slowly wilting away! The airport experiences I will let you know when I have a little more time. Well must fly one minute and counting! laterz.

6 thoughts on “Over here in SA. The beginning!”

  1. Yo Bro! Hows this for cool me technophob on tinternet?! Your room sounds comfy I especially like the off white walls! Glad you got there in one piece – burnt red landscapes & perfect blue of the sky – didn’t know you were a poet?! Take it easy xxx

  2. Big Chief Mandoola

    You’ve ripped that line about the burnt red landscape from the book I lent you…….poetic my ar$e!!

  3. Well by all accounts the eagle has landed! Cant wait to hear about the airport experiences??
    God you must be so exited and aprehensive all at the same time. People may say you are a lucky so and so, but it’s not luck, it’s plain old ‘getting off your backside’ and doing something with your life. Have fun and keep writing.

    Hope you havnt gone all selfish and still feel bad about my poorly knee whilst you stare at the azure skies! (actually it’s all better now) :o)

  4. awww….we miss you already. as promised, here is your message–hope your flight to syd. went well. we are incredibly upset that you have not written about your favourite canadians yet.
    take care!!

  5. At least you had windows!! Nothing to complain about, I shall say. Welcome to backpacking. By that time of the year, i wasn’t to shock any more. I only say Hebrew Hostel in Rio de Janeiro. 😉
    Big hug, C.

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